Why Coromandel Real Estate Is Always In Such Hot Demand

If you're looking to buy a house in New Zealand's North Island and want it packaged up with plenty of mild temperatures, stunning swimming beaches, picturesque coastline views, top drawer fishing and beautiful forests, then there's only one location you need to consider.

The Coromandel is regarded by many overseas tourists as being in the top five as far as holiday destinations go. But it's not just holiday makers from overseas that are clawing their way into the awe-inspiring Coromandel. New Zealanders are extremely passionate about the outdoors and especially the ˜kiwi bach'. You'll find no other place in NZ that offers so much in one small length of coastline.

It's of little surprise that Coromandel real estate is thriving. For those New Zealanders who have been to this wonderful peninsula, you'll know exactly why the Coromandel is considered the perfect place to purchase a lifestyle property.

If you are one of the lucky ones to own a property in the Coromandel, then you can be confident that nothing (apart from a tsunami!), will reduce the value of your home. Many of Coromandel's working home owners spend most of the year in the cities, especially Auckland and therefore only get to enjoy their holiday resort-like home for limited periods of the year.

Renting out a Coromandel real estate property is a fantastic idea and one that can bring great financial return. This scenic part of the country is a haven for summer holidays for families and friends and quite often Kiwis will arrange to rent out a home in the Coromandel for the long weekend or most of the summer holiday season. Oddly, there are a good portion of Coromandel holiday home owners that don't actually occupy their residence over summer but by doing this they stand to make wonderful returns on their investment.

Lifestyle property investment is extremely popular in New Zealand for both second home and prestige buyers. It's these investors that have more capital for the required down payments and closing costs. This is where first time home owners will often struggle.

If you're looking at buying a section, Coromandel real estate is also a great option. If you're contemplating this, you should have a nose at the Thames Coromandel District Council website. Inside you'll find the district plan section and this will tell you if your proposed plans sit within the council's guidelines and regulations. Whilst you're on this website, you should also check out the council's 10 year plan, which details the strategic plans and initiatives hoped to be achieved within this period.