What To Know When Renting A Car In Australia

Hertz and Budget car rental companies are only two to speak of that can be found in Australia. Most people would not think that such popular car rental companies would have branches in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. More importantly, these companies usually have some of the best car rental rates and can be booked from the US by phone or online. To save more money on car rentals in Australia, plan your trip ahead of time and shop around at even the local Australian car rental companies. The next step you should take before booking your car in advance is to decide what you will do on your trip.

Choosing what kind of car to get depends on what you plan to do in Australia. A car that is two-wheel-drive is a good option for driving within the city limits. But a four-wheel-drive vehicle may be good if you plan on going outside the city. In addition, since a lot of cars here are stick-shift vehicles, it is good to know for sure what kind of car you are getting. There are automatics available if you are more comfortable driving them.

Australia is like Europe in that their cars are made with a steering column positioned on the right side of the vehicle. It is a good idea to carry along with you some food, plenty of water, and some kind of navigation device if you plan to go off-road. Having an extra can of gas may also be beneficial. Special kits can be purchased in the area that also come with a GPS navigator.

Make sure that you have a valid driver's license before you book your car rental. All documentation for your license must be in English if you have a license. Never drive your rental vehicle without your license and documentation. Australian police can give fines on the spot for anyone who is behind the wheel without a license.

In addition, check with your car rental company to see what the age restrictions are for driving with that company, most have a 21 to 25 year old minimum. You need to have your passport and credit card used to book the rental on you at all times. Pick up the rental somewhere near the airport if possible. Check the car before leaving the pickup area with a rental employee and ask for a map of the area.

By: Jason C Hall