Ten Tips About New Zealand Rental Car

Have you ever considered a vacation in beautiful New Zealand? Here is a list of basics that will clue you in on ten tips for a New Zealand motoring holiday.

#1 Be informed! You really never know when your plans might get off track. Before you head off on vacation, learn the road rules so you can avoid road rage. New Zealand drivers drive on the left side of the road. That could take some practice for you. If you are planning to do the driving, you must yield to traffic that approaches from the ride side at unrestrained intersections. Remember, practice makes perfect. The speed limit on open roads is slower that what some of you are accustomed to, the average is 100 kilometres per hour. Also, seat belts are mandatory for front and back seat passengers. You must abide by the drinking and driving laws or deal with the punishment. Photo radar is commonly used so do not put the pedal to the medal thinking you can get away with it. Also the rental car company will debit your credit card for any fines plus an administration fee for paying the fine for you. This is not optional, someone has to pay the fine and it's not going to be the company that hired you the car.

#2 Be insured! It's highly likely that car hire New Zealand will have the vehicle covered when it comes to insurance rates, but if you want more, ask. You can obtain supplemental insurance to cover the vehicle in case other damages occur. This damage could be nothing more than a broken window or mirror, but it's best to have it covered. If you are driving in New Zealand, you must get your insurance there too.

#3 May I see your license and registration? Okay, just your license. There's no way to rent a car from car hire New Zealand without showing your license. It must be current and preferably in English or you will have to translate. If you are spending a year or more in New Zealand, get comfortable and get a New Zealand license.

#4 If you are a man, ask for directions! If you are a woman, you know this. When you rent a car, it is their job to help you. After all, they do want their car back. Car rental representatives are prepared to offer you maps and guides, plus tell you about the best sites. Keep their brochure close at hand in case you do make a wrong turn.

#5 You deserve to make the most of your time. New Zealand is unique and there is no sense in wasting the amount of time you have to be there. Think about what you can handle in the amount of time that you have. Draw up a plan, whether it's to see one island, national parks, famous wineries, or other wonders. You may have to make a second trip another time.

#6 Don't race down the roads. For one, you will miss some great sights, and two, the roads are unfamiliar. Do not allow yourself to be taken by surprise and stay away from possible adverse weather conditions. If you are visiting the South Island roads during the cold months, you will need to rent a car with snow chains.

#7 How about a nice, relaxing ferry ride? Sound good? Book it early because you won't be the only traveler anxious to board. You may want to drive your rental onto the ferry or you may decide to rent one vehicle on the North Island and rent another on the South Island. Taking it on the ferry is going to cost more, but you will save time and effort on the other side.

#8 Visit the information centers, they are there for a reason. You. Everything a tourist needs to know is found here. Also, if you are in need of Internet access, you will likely find it inside.

#9 Blend in with the locals. This means mingle, go where they go, talk to them, let them recommend the best places to eat and sleep, and get a real taste of what being a Kiwi means. They will invite you in to their culture and you can make some great new friends.