Individually Painted Campervans New Zealand

Escape campervans are a interesting take on the popular New Zealand campervan holiday. Their motto is the "The freedom to sleep around" and people seem to be doing just that.

The camper is more basic than some of the other larger models that are available. You will not find microwaves or TVs in these campers but they are fun.

Their point of difference is that each campervan has been hand painted by a New Zealand artist, many of whom used to graffiti the local streets. The art is diverse and interesting. The medium is essentially spray paint straight from the can and a clear protective coat over the top. The paint is applied in layers and the detail achieved is surprising.

According to Escape, the idea behind individually painting each campervan is to provide an alternative to the standard white campervan. The art tries to reflect the New Zealand culture and environment. The artists draw upon the New Zealand history, scenery, flora and fauna and also traditional Maori art and culture. The traditional Maori art is interesting as it can be both fearsome and beautiful. Maori culture has many colourful legends and associated heroes villains and beasts. The Escape artists seem specialise in bringing these legends to life. Other art focuses on other more popular themes such as Lord of the Rings, Road Runner type cartoons and even All Black legend Buck Shelford. Apparently painting the campervans is both challenging and rewarding. There aren't too many artists who paint mobile art I guess.

According to Escape, clients have responded very positively as the art on the campers as it creates a medium for them to interact with the locals. Clients also feel a little special whilst travelling in a "piece of art". Some apparently become very attached to "their"campervan. One couple even named their new born after the campervan they had holidayed in the summer before.

By: Mike in New Zealand