Cheap Car Rental - New Zealand Holidays For Travellers On A Budget

When looking to book a holiday in New Zealand many people think that they will have to spend a lot of money to enjoy it, but this is not the case. There are so many low cost things to see and do and hiring a cheap car rental to experience these with will give you the self drive tour option that you desire, but at a bank account friendly price!

Finding a cheap car rental company in New Zealand is easy, but it's finding a quality one that can be difficult. When searching the web take these considerations in to mind:

- Does the company have a 'green' image? We all know that car emissions make up a large amount of the world's pollution, however getting a cheap car rental doesn't mean that you have to contribute to this by driving around in a less than satisfactory vehicle. The cars available for rent should be serviced regularly and the company should be able to provide you information on how to reduce emissions when driving around our beautiful country.

- Vehicle size matters - you don't want to have to squeeze your family or friends into a small hatchback with a load of luggage just to save money. Look for a company that offers sedan, station wagons and even people mover options at a reasonable price. Let's say that you are travelling in a group of eight and the price of a people mover is $69 per day - that only works out to be about NZ$8.60 per person - much cheaper and easier than a taxi!

- Customer service - Look for a company that offers ongoing assistance 24 hours a day, not just in the unlikely event that you have an issue with the vehicle, but if you need recommendations on places to see or how to get somewhere.

Once you have found the car rental company offering cheap vehicles then you will be looking for things to do whilst in the country. Some ideas are provided below.

From Christchurch:

- Hanmer Springs

The world famous Hot Springs are a good way to spend some time here, and there are also plenty of holiday homes which you can book at a reasonable price in some great spots around the area. There's also some great forest walking or biking tracks, and you don't have to be super fit to do them either. Over the weekends and holidays there are also markets in town to take a wander around.

- Kaikoura

Famous for it's seafood and whale watching, Kaikoura offers so much more. A walk around the seal colony can be a treasure hunt in itself; peer into rock pools with the kids, spot a seal lazing on the rocks a short distance from you. Just be sure to take your camera. Sit on the pebble beaches with some fish and chips and watch the sun go down or stroll through town to the visitor centre to find out about Kaikoura's history.

From Auckland:

- Auckland

Staying in Auckland itself allows you time to explore the many extinct volcanoes of the area. One Tree Hill, Mt Eden and Mt Wellington were all once volcanoes. Nowadays taking a walk or cycle up to the top not only allows you to get some exercise, but you can also take in some amazing views of the surrounding suburbs and city centre.

- Hunua Ranges