Our Purpose

The general function of the New Zealand Maori Council are set out in the  Maori Community Development Act 1962.  This Act conveys the Council’s purpose and gives us the framework in which we operate.

Our Key Messages
NZ Maori Council is a statutory body for all Maori established 50 years ago.
Since 1962, the Council has led Maori policy development at the national level and community development at a local level.
Council has commenced a renewal process to take a more effective role in national policy development.
The Council will re-establish representation in those districts who do not have any people validly in office.
The Council will work with iwi leader and the Iwi Leadership Group.
The Council’s functions for all Maori remain as relevant today as they have been over the last 50 years.

Our Strategy
Over the next few months, Council will be preparing a strategic plan with a clear statement of direction and a detailed action plan.

Our Communications Goals
Timely and comprehensive communication between the Executive and between all District Maori Councils.
All Maori and the wider community are informed of the Council’s purpose and current priorities.
Two-way communication between key stakeholders and the Council on matters of shared interest.

8 Ways That Your Green

You must be aware of the laws in your area regarding the handling, transportation and burial of human remains. However, many people”just as they do with natural childbirth”prefer this natural, gentle and personal way of dying. If you are considering a green funeral the best way to make sure that everything is carried out the way that you want it is to pre plan it yourself. How to plan a natural burial:

1. Pre-plan when possible.

If possible, make the arrangements ahead of the time of need to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

2. State Your Wishes.

Even if you are unable to make the arrangements in advance, take the time to state your intentions. Verbally tell your loved ones what your wishes are. But, also, write them down and include a copy of those written instructions with your Last Will and Testament as well as with other important family documents. Some people even take the time to mail or email a copy of those instructions to loved ones so that when the time comes, there is no doubt about what you wish.

A Brief History Of New Zealand

If you've been relying on Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil, it may be time for you to make a change. Why? Because New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract is gaining acclaim as the best omega 3 supplement on the market. But what in the world is a New Zealand green lipped mussel?

What is this Mussel?

The green lipped mussel is a shellfish native to the Marlborough Sounds aquatic region and has been commercially farmed via marine harvesters in a fascinating ritual that has been honed and perfected over the years. Using a single rope growing method (attached to a buoy), these green lipped mussels are "grown" in deep, cold seas that contribute to faster maturity and work to eliminate sand and grit that can be such a shellfish turn off.

A Memorable Holiday With Rental Car New Zealand

When planning a trip to a beautiful and awe inspiring place such as New Zealand, you want to make sure that you find a way to take in all the majesty and wonder that this country has to offer. That is why car rental New Zealand is such a fantastic choice. By using one of the many locations to pick up your rental car, you can then set off to see New Zealand and take your time doing it. With the help of one of the multitudes of travel brochures you can find wonderful Auckland lodging to stay at during your trip as well.

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All The World Wants To Travel

Is it any wonder? Since Hollywood launched New Zealand big time onto the world's cinema screens with epic block busters such as Lord of The Rings, King Kong and The Chronicles of Narnia, everyone wants to visit. In fact, New Zealand is one of the most popular travel search destinations, with almost two million online searches for information each year, even beating out firm favorites such as Hong Kong and London.

New Zealand consists of two main islands, North and South about the size of Colorado. With a population of around 4 million and English as the main language, you can expect a warm welcome and a fantastic vacation experience. There is also strong, vibrant Maori culture reflected in the easy going attitude of the people and pride in their heritage.

Auckland Car Rental

New Zealand is a very easy country to buy or sell a vehicle. The vehicle prices are reasonably cheap by worldwide standards.

How to buy and sell a car,

Enlarge Image

The reason New Zealand has a good used vehicle market is the abundance of "Japanese imports" these are vehicles that are brought by New Zealand car dealers. Car dealers purchase them in Japan second hand and ship them to New Zealand. The other sorts of vehicles are "New Zealand assembled" and imports from other countries.

There are three main ways for people to buy and sell cars and other vehicles in New Zealand, licensed motor vehicle dealer,

Buying Commercial Property In Nz

Whether you are interested in commercial property in New Zealand for your own business use or if you want to invest in it as a landlord to generate revenue, you can find many different types of business properties to choose from in New Zealand. The returns from commercial property investments in New Zealand are usually higher compared to other forms of investments; however, the risks are just as high and investors require solid equity when it comes to acquiring loans to enter this market.

Here are few important questions and points of consideration to get you thinking.

What kind of commercial property do you want to invest in?

Campervan Hire New Zealand Tips

Campervan holidays in New Zealand are a popular travel option for a wide range of travellers. All reputable motor home companies in New Zealand will provide you with all the necessary information required before you hire a motor home. We have provided a list of useful questions to consider when you are about to hire a campervan.

Where do we camp at night?

We do strongly recommend staying in a caravan park “ at least every 2nd or 3rd day to re-charge your batteries, get fresh water and empty your waste tank. New Zealand has a fantastic network of caravan parks in all major centres and towns Caravan parks offer essential shower and toilet and kitchen facilities, most of them have a laundry and playgrounds for children etc, barbeque and picnic areas and you only need a powered site while travelling with a Camper van. Approximate costs per adult are between $20 and $30 per night “ children are either free or pay half of the adult costs per night. Some National Parks have areas assigned for camping with toilets and picnic areas “ however no power sites (no connection to a main power source) “ please watch for signs where camping or overnight camping is prohibited.Roadside camping on the side of the road near towns and cities is generally not allowed (by Council laws) “ however this is generally permitted outside towns and in rural areas.

Car Finance Under Threat In Australia

Car dealers and lease brokers are anxious as a result of GE Money's withdrawal from the Australian car finance market. Only in September GE Money was reassuring business partners that it was "here for the long term" was "funded for 2008"

and had "liquidity" at "competitive rates". This all went out the window recently when GE Money announced that it was withdrawing from the car finance markets in Australia and New Zealand. GE Money claims that the cost of funding car finance has become too expensive due to the world wide global credit crisis so it can no longer fund car finance "Downunder".

This is going to have a huge impact on car finance and car purchases as it is likely that henceforth new vehicle buyers may well have to contribute a deposit towards the car rather than relying on 100% car finance as has been the norm over the past decade or so in Australia. Already consumers are seeing the benefit of this crisis in the reduced cost of cars. Because car finance has been harder to come by, dealerships are well below their targets and as a result have gone into "sale mode".

Car Hire New Zealand Discover It For Yourself

New Zealand is divided into two islands each offering something different and the best way to see it all is by hiring a car.

New Zealand Car Hire Tip “ Drive on the left and give way to traffic approaching from the right.

The Northern Island is the smaller of the two islands although about 75% of New Zealand's population live there. Auckland, known as 'the city of sails' is the largest city in the northern part of the island. Sailboats and yachts are an impressive sight and line the waterfront around Auckland.

There's lots to do in and around Auckland. Just as in any large city the shopping is great and there are numerous traditional markets and many attractions, vineyards and beaches a short hour drive of the city. Waitakere Ranges Park is perfect for family fun. It's full of green forests, waterfalls and canyons as well as beaches with great surfing and horse riding. From Auckland get on the North Western Motorway, turning left at Lincoln North, this will bring you to Waitakere. If you're an adrenalin junkie you'll love it here “ popular activities in the area include skydiving, paragliding, kayaking, and windsurfing.

Cheap Car Rental New Zealand

When looking to book a holiday in New Zealand many people think that they will have to spend a lot of money to enjoy it, but this is not the case. There are so many low cost things to see and do and hiring a cheap car rental to experience these with will give you the self drive tour option that you desire, but at a bank account friendly price!

Finding a cheap car rental company in New Zealand is easy, but it's finding a quality one that can be difficult. When searching the web take these considerations in to mind:

- Does the company have a 'green' image? We all know that car emissions make up a large amount of the world's pollution, however getting a cheap car rental doesn't mean that you have to contribute to this by driving around in a less than satisfactory vehicle. The cars available for rent should be serviced regularly and the company should be able to provide you information on how to reduce emissions when driving around our beautiful country.